Georgia Mathewson, Canada

Residency Period: 1 May 2015 - 31 October 2015


Georgia Mathewson is an Ottawa, Canada based artist working in the fields of painting, mixed media, drawing, installation and, most recently, sound poetry in the group the Quatuor Gualuor. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2008 from The University of Ottawa and has since been working in groups, collectives and through a solo practice.

Working from a meticulous process, her method is built on both intuitive and rational ways of thinking. One allows for ambiguous and fantastical imagery to unfold, while the other requires decisions to be made according to the boundaries and specifications of her materials. Her upbringing on a farm in rural Ontario informs her work, and she uses this experience to reflect on what it means to be a ruralist living in an urban environment.

On-hiatus Proposal Summary

Upon graduating from art school, Georgia enjoyed a period of fulfilling productivity with a group of other artist friends with whom she formed a collective named "Focus Group." ( She recalls that there was a great deal of optimism within the group during this period and it was easy to get caught up in the art making process, forgetting that they were all dirt poor, recently graduated, struggling, working artists. The group has since disbanded yet she looks back on these days fondly as one of her most creative periods in her life, and when she felt clearly a sense of purpose and a reason for making art. She has continued to practice art since then yet has carried a feeling that she has been on a kind of hiatus ever since her collaboration with the group ended. Furthermore, even though she continues to define and consider herself an artist, she admits a sense of disillusion towards her career path; there is so much pressure to achieve success, and this profession is all consuming, not allowing one to pursue other interests and desires.

Combined with these feelings was a belief that she should be fixing up her family's run-down farm that has been neglected for years; the same one where she taught herself to paint and where her creativity was nurtured. During her residency at RFAOH, Georgia will spend time raising funds and repairing this farmhouse, preserving a heritage site that just so happens to be her childhood home. She hopes that her on-hiatus project will allow her to leave behind her disillusionment and find a path of purpose again, with a little push and motivation from RFAOH.

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The part that haunts me mostly- AA Report – Day 88

So the house was broken into recently. Nothing taken and no other damage done than exists already. Thank goodness. Thieves who didn’t find what they were looking for and left without exerting malice, and still I’m shaken by them. 

Other recent occurrences: bylaw paid a visit asking that we clean things up. All this and I keep telling myself to stop complaining because I’m blessed but frankly it’s been hard to get away this month and I’m feeling pretty down on myself that I haven’t been able to do more. My heart feels weighted. This continues to be a haunting factor. 

(The part that haunts me mostly-A(rt) A(nonymous) Report-Day 88)


Photo: for a long time now this chalkboard has lived in the second floor hallway and this animal (born out of slow ruin) is like an old friend but also offers a reminder of work to be done. 


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shinobu wrote on Sep 2:

Do we have a MAJOR problem as a society, Western world? I can't take it that being broken in is as common here as struggling with making art. A TV? Jeez.

Kelly wrote on Aug 31:

So sorry to read this - it is very violating. Someone came into our house this summer and took our TV? I don't care about a TV - but care that we were in the house, sleeping, at the time...I feel for you.

Georgia wrote on Aug 30:

It does help to vent collectively about such experiences.

Georgia wrote on Aug 30:

Sorry to hear that Matt! I've also been robbed before- I once awoke to an eerie feeling and then discovered a robber in my apt! I appreciate you both sharing your stories with me.

Matt wrote on Aug 30:

I've been broken into twice in the past 2.5 years and all my "non-art" valuables stolen, if that makes you feel less alone...

Georgia wrote on Aug 29:

Thank you Milena- it's a feeling of violation but I'm also left with a stronger knowing of what needs protecting.

milena kosec wrote on Aug 28:

I am sorry for you. Years ago thieves have broken in my house too. So I know how you fill. You need some time to forget.