Ryan Ringer, Canada

Residency Period: 1 November 2014 - 31 October 2015


Ryan Ringer is a multidisciplinary performance artist who was the founding director of Methinks, a community-based production group, and Project 165, an artist-run gallery and studio space in Toronto. His work has been featured on CBC Radio and Television, Canadian Art Magazine, the Toronto Star, and other media outlets and has been exhibited throughout Canada and the US. Ryan resides in Toronto.

URL: ryanringer.com

On-hiatus Proposal Summary

After many years of running an art space (Project 165) while tirelessly directing various overlapping and back-to-back collaborative and independent projects, Ryan decided to break from the art game for a while to get his personal life together. While not wanting to be creating art per se, yet still desiring a creative outlet, Ryan decided to focus on becoming a more mindful bartender and drink-maker. During his hiatus, Ryan and his fiance will open a cafe-cocktail bar in Toronto called Grey Tiger. He will document the process of building and opening Grey Tiger, examining the creative aspects of this process and the connection between his art practice and hospitality career. Or, more to the point: he will examine the fine art of living as an artist on hiatus while taking a good look at where he's been, where he's at, and where he's going. He will paint a portrait of an individual finding his way back to art - or, rather, redefining his practice - by getting lost and finding himself through hard work and meditation.

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Where It´s At

It’s been a while. Too long. I’ve been deep in renovations. But we’re definitely way into the homestretch. Much of the big-build stuff has been finished. The floors are installed, furniture is in, equipment is trickling in. Feels good. There’s still a ton of stuff to do, yes, but it’s starting to feel much less grueling. 

We’re just a few weeks away from a soft opening. I’m excited and nervous all at once but keeping my head down and getting things done. It’s one day at a time. And most important, everyday we remind ourselves that we’ll be ready when we’re ready. And when we’re ready, we won’t be fully formed. We just have to open up with manageable offerings and build from there. It will take time for Grey Tiger to come into its own. There will be an extended period of growth. Learning and growing and becoming great is a process. We just have to remember to be true to our vision, go forth with great joy and love what we do. That will shine through in what we do. The place alrwdy looks and feels incredibly special. Together with our friends and family we’ve built a beautiful space that we’re excited to have many people call home. 

As we approach the opening – which, as I said, is weeks away – I’m reminded of this.feeling I have when building art experiences. That excitement and feeling of great purpose I have felt when getting ready to do a big party or a public perfoemancw or group expedition. The deep feeling of happiness I always got just knowing that soon the space – ephemeral or not – I was preparing would soon be populated and activated by people. I love building spaces for social interplay. My main purpose in life, whether in art proper, or behind the bar, is to bring people together for meaningful experiences. And in some way, Grey Tiger is a very important evolutionary expression of that love and commitment – that joyous feeling of social purpose. It seems to be a thing I’ve been working toward all these years but didn’t know it until it was happening.

I can’t wait to discover more!

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Ryan wrote on May 2:

Thanks! We're so close!

milena kosec wrote on May 2:

I wish you a realy great opening week.